Best Ground Beef in Virginia

Settled in 1607, the “Mother of States” has spawned a $55 billion agrarian industry with 24,000 cattle farms for the best ground beef in Virginia. The VDACS Report lists beef as the Commonwealth’s second leading product with 1.6 million head worth $429 million. From Appalachia to the Coastal Plan, here’s where to find ground beef in Virginia.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Virginia

Internet browsers have become farmers’ markets for hungry omnivores to easily order natural ground beef online in Virginia that’s rich in beta-carotene, vitamin E, and calcium. For example, Norfolk has Seasonal Roots and New Earth Farm. In Chesapeake, check out Holly Grove Farm and Central Meats. Perhaps order ground beef online in Richmond from Keenbell Farm. Newport News has Health Trail Natural Foods while Virginia Beach hosts the Virginia Garden Organic Grocery. Where to order grass fed ground beef online in Arlington includes Cottonwood Ranch and Westover Market. Alexandria residents trust Nick’s Organic Farm too. Read on for more suggestions to order grass finished ground beef online in Virginia like Suffolk’s Full Quiver Farm, Lynchburg’s Seven Hills, and Roanoke’s RTS Farms.

Best Ground Beef in Virginia Beach

Celebrating its 30th year, the Virginia Garden Organic Grocery (3640 Dam Neck Rd.) is open Monday through Saturday to sell wholesome products, including grass fed beef. Pungo-Tuck Local Beef (1780 Gum Bridge Rd.) has free Hampton Roads delivery and a 100 percent quality guarantee on humanely raised meat. Whole Foods (1800 Laskin Rd.) and Trader Joe’s (503 Hilltop Plaza) are two eco-minded chains with ground beef in Virginia.

Best Ground Beef in Norfolk

Virginia Grass Fed Beef (9200 S. Amelia Ave.) partners with the family-run Woodland Farm to deliver whole, half, and quarter cows. Since 2011, Seasonal Roots (206 Siena Lane) has offered 30-second online ordering of fresh meats with the “Dirt to Doorstep” program. New Earth Farm (1885 Indian River Rd.) is a 21-acre, sustainable Pungo operation founded by John Wilson that’s marketing natural ground beef in Virginia. Each Wednesday from April to September, the Hampton Blvd. Farmers Market (7400 Hampton Blvd.) schedules a lineup of vendors like Full Quiver Farm for beef purchases.

Best Ground Beef in Chesapeake

Using PayPal, Holly Grove Farm (13081 Corinth Rd.) connects its Chesapeake Buying Club online to grass finished Angus beef packaged at 24 months. Central Meats (1120 Kempsville Rd.) is the Edmonson Family’s BBB-accredited butcher shop that grounds 80 percent lean beef daily. Open Saturdays from 9AM to 1PM, Windhaven Farm (17381 Pope Swamp Trail) has Isle of Wright County’s best Angus at reasonable Virginia beef prices. Pendulum Fine Meats (820 Shirley Ave.) is a small-scale Chesapeake butcher that provides $50 Primal Meat CSA boxes weekly.

Best Ground Beef in Richmond

Keenbell Farm (18437 Vontay Rd.) raises Devon and Black Angus cattle as a third-generation, organic Rockville business for sale at the Renegade Market or online. Owned by Mike Clark, Greenway Beef (14822 Hull Street Rd.) boasts the Virginia’s Finest logo for selling 1lb ground beef packs with 95:5 fat ratios. The best places to buy grass fed beef in Virginia include the Richmond Trader Joe’s (11331 W. Broad St.) and Whole Foods (11173 W. Broad St.) too.

Best Ground Beef in Arlington

Specializing in Black Angus, Cottonwood Ranch (135 Morrison Lane) is Front Royal’s leading family-owned farm selling ground beef online for $6.50/lb. Westover Market (5863 Washington Blvd.) earned a 2017 Best of Arlington Award for the DMV’s first beer garden and organic beef butcher shop. Also buy ground beef in Virginia at the Whole Foods (520 12th St.) and Trader Joe’s (1109 N. Highland St.).

Best Ground Beef in Newport News

Since 1974, Health Trail Natural Foods (10848 Warwick Blvd.) has stocked grass finished natural beef in Virginia that’s local, low-fat, and packed with Omega-3s. J&L Green (256 Charles St.) brings GMO-free, organic beef from the Shenandoah Valley to Newport News with a Tidewater Buying Club. Check the Virginia beef prices at the Trader Joe’s (12551 Jefferson Ave.) and Whole Foods (12090 Jefferson Ave.) stores as well.

Best Ground Beef in Alexandria

Old Town Farmers’ Market (301 King St.) draws vendors from a 100-mile radius, including cattle ranchers, and over 7,000 consumers to Market Square each Saturday. Occupying 165 acres of Buckeystown, Maryland, Nick’s Organic Farm (8565 Horseshoe Lane) raises Black Angus for antibiotic-free ground beef near Virginia. Don’t overlook the Alexandria retailers Whole Foods (1700 Duke St.) or Trader Joe’s (612 N. Asaph St.) either.

Best Ground Beef in Suffolk

Across from Hilton Garden Riverfront, the Suffolk Farmers’ Market (524 N. Main St.) kicks off every May with free parking to buy local meats from Cypress Grove Farm. At 3,000 feet above sea level, Riven Rock Farm (890 Halterman Hollow Lane) raises Belted Galloway cattle on 700 acres for only grass finished natural beef in Virginia. Full Quiver Farm (2801 Manning Rd.) is an eco-friendly, holistic business harvesting Angus and Hereford breeds for Suffolk beef deliveries each Saturday.

Best Ground Beef in Lynchburg

Bold Branch Beef (17006 Leesville Rd.) is a 500-acre, Piedmont CSA farm using an American Angus Association registered bull to raise purebred calves humanely. Seven Hills Food (7 Abattoir St.) has Virginia’s largest independent, USDA-inspected slaughterhouse to wholesale fresh, vacuum-sealed beef. Under 90 minutes north, the Charlottesville Whole Foods (1797 Hydraulic Rd.) and Trader Joe’s (2025 Bond St.) provide whole cow ground beef in Virginia too.

Best Ground Beef in Roanoke

Owned by Fred and Christie Huger, Mountain View Farm (85 Marmac Lane) is a 250-acre, sustainable operation housing 200 Jersey and Holstein cattle. Sparks Family Farm (1489 Palmetto School Rd.) is where to buy ground beef in Virginia with a robust Angus flavor and juicy tenderness. Sold at Greenvalley Meats, Mountain Run Farm (2734 Charlemont Rd.) offers custom “cowpooling” to share meat raised right in the Blue Ridge. RTS Farms (199 Gravel Dr.) reduces grass fed Angus beef prices in Virginia via money-saving 10lb and 40lb packs.