Best Ground Beef in Wyoming

The “Cowboy State” fuels a $1.23 billion cattle industry from over 11,000 ranches harvesting the best ground beef in Wyoming on 30.1 million acres. The Stock Growers Association ranks beef Wyoming’s top crop with 1.27 million head and a cow-person ratio of nearly 3:1. Let’s cross the Continental Divide for where to find ground beef in Wyoming.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Wyoming

Today’s beef cattle are often confined in feedlots and unnaturally fattened on corn to accelerate a money-making, 14-month slaughter timeline. On PBS Frontline, Michael Pollan stated this diet ulcerates the rumen and makes cows sick with bad livers and then require antibiotics. Therefore, selective shoppers who order grass finished ground beef online in Wyoming will get much healthier meat. In Cheyenne, there’s Wyoming Pure Natural Beef. Perhaps order ground beef online in Casper from Touchstone Angus. Laramie hosts Black Market Farm while Gillette has EZ Rocking Ranch. Where to buy grass fed ground beef online in Rock Springs includes Rocky Mountain Organic. Check out Wild Sage Market in Green River and Running Water Farms in Evanston. More ideas like Sheridan’s Lohof Grass-Finished Beef, Riverton’s Cameron Ranch, and Jackson’s Lockhart Cattle to order natural ground beef online in Wyoming follow.

Best Ground Beef in Cheyenne

Wyoming Pure Natural Beef (621 Slater Rd.) is the Goertz Family’s organic, BBB-accredited Wheatland ranch that’s producing Black and Red Angus for $5.40/pound ground. Since 1955, Natural Grocers (5116 Frontier Mall Dr.) has developed a GMO-free national chain with high-quality USDA Choice meats. Take Interstate 25 down to the Fort Collins Whole Foods (2201 S College Ave.) or Trader Joe’s (3500 S College Ave.) for premium ground beef near Wyoming.

Best Ground Beef in Casper

On Tuesdays from 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM, the Downtown Casper Farmers Market (400 E Collins Dr.) occurs outside the Nicolaysen Art Museum until September for wholesome buys. Touchstone Angus (366 Grant St.) is a father-daughter duo selling grass fed whole, half, and quarter steers processed by the USDA-inspected Elizabeth Locker Plant online. The Food for Thought Project (900 Saint John St.) runs the Summer Market and Winter Makers Market to empower healthy eating with SNAP benefits. Another Natural Grocers (3650 E 2nd St.) helps buy ground beef in Wyoming too.

Best Ground Beef in Laramie

Oxford Horse & Cattle Ranch (866 N Hwy. 287) raises almost 3,000 Black Angus and Wagyu crosses bred by Colorado State’s Dr. Adrian Weaver for authentic Kobe-style beef. Founded by Reynold Hecht in 1887, Black Market Farm (Hecht Creek Rd.) has Laramie CSA pickups at Undine Park each Thursday afternoon for free-range meat. The Laramie Farmer’s Market (207 E Grand Ave.) is where to buy ground beef in Wyoming that’s locally sourced from June to September on Fridays.

Best Ground Beef in Gillette

Owned by Sutherland Brothers Ranch, 7 Bar 2 Beef (646 I-80 Service Rd.) utilizes a 150-day finishing program to dry age natural, chemical-free Angus for free Cheyenne delivery. EZ Rocking Ranch (979 Bitter Creek) is the Wallis Family’s fifth-generation Recluse business selling grass finished beef on-site and at Landon’s Greenhouse. Available on Square, J Walker Land & Livestock (PO Box 4230) beats some online Wyoming beef prices at $6.50/lb for Omega-rich protein. At Gillett College Tech Center, the Gillette Farmers’ Market (3251 S 4-J Rd.) also kicks off its Share the Harvest Program Saturdays at 8 AM.

Best Ground Beef in Rock Springs

Bestowed a 2016 Constant Contact All-Star Award, Grass Roots Meats (945 CR 973) harvests grain-free Black Angus holistically at 22 months and ships beef across the West. The Rock Springs Farmers Market (603 S Main St.) lasts Thursdays from 4 PM to 7 PM to exhibit more than 30 small businesses like Grace Pastures in Bank Court. Operated by Rod Morrison, Rocky Mountain Organic Meats (1201 E 7th St.) stands behind the RMOM Guarantee of natural ground beef in Wyoming with free UPS shipping over $200.

Best Ground Beef in Sheridan

The Sheridan Farmers’ Market (66 E Grinnell Plaza) is a family-friendly, summer-long Thursday event from 5 PM to 7 PM that showcases more than 25 vendors like Cato Ranch. Across the Montana border, Lohof Grass-Finished Beef (64 Boyce Rd.) is where to buy ground beef near Wyoming that’s AGA-certified and $6.50/pound with free Sheridan delivery. Closed only Sundays, Good Health Market (1821 S Sheridan Ave.) carries purebred Wagyu from Omega Beef and Berkshire pork from Shiloah Family Farm. Albertson’s (1865 Coffeen Ave.) has one of its 2,200 locations here for the full-service Butcher Block too.

Best Ground Beef in Green River

Near Flaming Gorge Harley-Davidson, the Green River Farmers’ Market (440 Uinta Dr.) offers Wednesday hours of 4 PM to 7 PM until mid-September for perusing local goods. Wild Sage Market (120 Keith Dr.) is a grassroots natural foods co-op seeking one-time $300 equity purchases from 1,200 members to open soon. On the National Register of Historic Places, Green River Drift (5 E Green River Rd.) maintains a 58-mile trail through the Bridger-Teton Forest to transport pastured cattle. Also, check the Plaza Mall Albertson’s (1323 Dewar Dr.) for grass finished natural beef in Wyoming.

Best Ground Beef in Evanston

Sommers Ranch (442 Marilyn St.) adheres to American GrassFed Association standards to process natural Hereford beef at Pinedale’s Rivera Lodge B&B through October. Featured by the Eat Well Guide, Running Waters Farms (10360 Hwy. 89 N) is a small-scale Evanston operation offering whole cow ground beef in Wyoming. At Historic Depot Square, the Evanston Farmers Market (920 Front St.) has free admission each Thursday until 7 PM for fresh products.

Best Ground Beef in Riverton

Launched by Pete Cameron in January 2010, Cameron Ranch (7235 Riverview Rd.) accepts online or phone orders for the best organic ground beef in Wyoming. Dedicated to Luke 12:48, Lost Wells Cattle Co. (190 Dirt Rd.) rotationally grazes Red and Black Angus on pesticide-free pastures for beef sales at Fremont Local Foods. Wind River Mercantile (223 E Main St.) celebrated its 35th year of selling nourishing items, including Wyoming Gourmet Beef. On Wednesdays, the Riverton Farmers Market (606 N 8th St.) sets up more than 20 vendor booths like Clark’s Meats.

Best Ground Beef in Jackson

Since 2000, the Jackson Hole Farmers Market (10 E Broadway Ave.) has generated $425,000 for more than 40 Teton Valley producers like Sweet Cheeks Meats and JH Buffalo Meat. Mead Ranch (1200 Spring Gulch Rd.) is among the best places to buy grass fed beef in Wyoming that’s all-natural, dry aged for 21 days, and cooked at fine restaurants like The Calico. Near the National Elk Refuge, Lockhart Cattle Co. (PO Box 2812) is a sixth-generation Hereford rancher that’s selling vitamin-rich beef at Aspens Market and Pearl St. Market. Don’t forget to check beef prices in Wyoming at Jackson Whole Grocer (1155 S Hwy. 89) either.