Best Ground Beef in California

ground-beef-in-CAThe “Golden State” might be best known for grapes and oranges, but beef is California’s fifth most vital agricultural yield worth $3.39 billion. According to the USDA Census, this spacious Pacific Coast territory has 5.15 million cattle for the best ground beef in California. Below we’ve created a handy guide on where to find ground beef in California.

Buy Ground Beef Online in California

The Internet makes it possible to order natural ground beef online in California with a click of the mouse if you know where to shop. For example, Los Angeles has Marconda’s Meats and KOL Foods. In San Diego, check out SonRise Ranch and Green Beef. Perhaps order ground beef online in San Francisco from Morris Grassfed. Near the Capital District, Yolo Land & Cattle is popular. Paicines Ranch and Lunardi’s Market are where to order grass fed ground beef online in San Jose. Oakland hosts Marin Sun Farms while Fresno offers Mariposa Ranch. Lazy Acres Natural Market draws Long Beach residents too. Read on for more options to order grass finished ground beef online in California like Riverside’s Heart & Trotter or Anaheim’s Novy Ranch.

Best Ground Beef in Los Angeles

J&J Grassfed Beef (572 Anita Dr.) is a family-owned, grain-free Tehachapi ranch offering monthly delivery to 50+ SoCal locations. Marconda’s Meats (6333 West 3rd St.) butchers high-protein Certified Piedmontese beef from sustainable farmers. KOL Foods partners with Got Kosher? (1410 South Livonia Ave.) to deliver kosher beef meeting American Grassfed Association standards. Grocery stores Whole Foods (239 North Crescent Dr.), Trader Joe’s (2738 Hyperion Ave.), and Sprouts (915 North Brea Ave.) also stock premium beef.

Best Ground Beef in San Francisco

Markegard Family Grass-Fed (20080 Cabrillo Highway S) holistically and humanely manages a Belted Galloway herd on Half Moon Bay. Occupying 83,000 acres of San Simeon, Hearst Ranch (5 Third St.) has 150+ years of experience raising free-range cows. Morris Grassfed (500 Mission Vineyard Rd.) has affordable online beef prices in California at $6.99/lb. Other Bay Area stops for grass finished meats are Trader Joe’s (1095 Hyde St.) and Whole Foods (2001 Market St.).

Best Ground Beef in San Diego

SonRise Ranch (8385 Miramar Mall), a Verified Volusion Merchant, sells free range, dry-aged ground beef patties online. Since 1968, the Kubitschek family’s Green Beef (1519 Industrial Ave.) has raised cows organically in Missouri for the San Diego CSA. Based in British Columbia, Bella Coola Beef (8385 Miramar Mall) keeps SoCal fed with Omega-rich meat and five jerky flavors. Where to buy ground beef in California includes Trader Joe’s (1090 University Ave.), Sprouts (4175 Park Blvd.), and Whole Foods (2600 Via DeLaValle) too.

Best Ground Beef in Sacramento

Given the 2007 Environmental Stewardship Award, Yolo Land & Cattle (1296 East Gibson Rd.) harvests grass fed, 28-month Angus beef. Richard’s Grassfed Beef (12206 Rices Crossing Rd.) owns a 7,000-acre Oregon House ranch for natural ground beef in California only. Nominated to Sacramento’s A-List, V. Miller Meats (4801 Folsom Blvd.) is a craft butchery for wholesome, custom beef cuts. Western Grassfed Beef (601 Court St.) forgoes feedlot confinement for open Woodland ranges that nurture Whole30 approved beef. Also check out California beef prices at Sprouts (4408 Del Rio Rd.), Trader Joe’s (2625 Marconi Ave.), and Whole Foods (4315 Arden Way).

Best Ground Beef in San Jose

On the San Benito River, Paicines Ranch (13388 Airline Hwy.) has certified organic pastures for 100 percent grass fed beef. Lunardi’s Markets (2666 South Bascom Ave.) boasts the Bay Area’s biggest full-service meat department with USDA choice beef. Sprouts (1130 Branham Lane), Trader Joe’s (7250 Bollinger Rd.), and Whole Foods (777 The Alameda) are other chains selling whole cow ground beef in California.

Best Ground Beef in Oakland

Owned by David Evans since 1999, Marin Sun Farms (1522 Petaluma Blvd.) wholesales ground beef near California from its Animal Welfare-approved ranch. At 5 Bar Beef (PO Box 41), the 800-acre Trabuco Canyon pastures raise Barzona cattle for 90 percent lean meat. Buy ground beef in California at Sprouts (3035 Broadway), Trader Joe’s (3250 Lakeshore Ave.), and Whole Foods (230 Bay Place) as well.

Best Ground Beef in Fresno

For four generations, Riverland Farms (608 South Frankwood Ave.) has bred Charlotte cows to Angus bulls for grass fed stock. Mariposa Ranch (PO Box 209) produces Angus crossbred cattle on roughage feeds for high quality ground beef in California. Harris Ranch Beef Company (29475 Fresno Coalinga Rd.) packs small or large boxes of juicy, grass finished USDA Choice Angus for retail. Fresno shoppers also visit Trader Joe’s (8478 North Friant Rd.), Sprouts (7477 North Blackstone Ave.), and Whole Foods (650 West Shaw Ave.).

Best Ground Beef in Long Beach

Where to buy ground beef near California’s biggest city includes Avenales Ranch (5525 Shell Creek Rd.), an 18,000-acre farm with Black Angus and Hereford cattle roaming. Lazy Acres Market (2800 Bellflower Rd.) stands near CSU-Long Beach for natural goods like grass fed beef without added hormones. Similar stores include Sprouts (4253 Woodruff Ave.), Whole Foods (6550 Pacific Coast Hwy.), and Trader Joe’s (4210 Long Beach Blvd.) too.

Best Ground Beef in Anaheim

Featured in Bon App├ętit, Novy Ranches (801 East Los Angeles Ave.) is a veterinarian-owned, USDA-certified Angus beef producer of herbaceous flavors. Open Monday to Sunday 8AM to 9PM, Harvest Fresh Farmers Market (440 South Anaheim Hills Rd.) sells the best, hand-cut beef. Meat lovers also visit Trader Joe’s (2114 North Trustin St.) and Whole Foods (3301 East Imperial Hwy.) for grass finished natural beef in California.

Best Ground Beef in Riverside

Amy’s Farm (7698 Eucalyptus Ave.) is a polycultural, organic Ontario ranch that Cryovac-wraps lean ground for farmshare packages. Voted #1 in San Diego City Beat since 2015, Heart & Trotter (2855 El Cajon Blvd.) butchers GMO-free beef from Open Space Meats and Autonomy Farms. Don’t overlook Trader Joe’s(6225 Riverside Ave.) and Whole Foods (12905 Riverside Ave.) among the best places to buy grass fed beef in California too.