Best Ground Beef in Idaho

The “Gem State” devotes 11 million acres to 9,700 cattle ranches producing 14 billion pounds of milk and the best ground beef in Idaho. The ISDA ranked Idaho 13th for its cow inventory of 2.1 million, including 300,000 in Gooding County alone, and a $5.8 billion livestock industry. Let’s explore Cascadia for where to find ground beef in Idaho.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Idaho

In June 2018, United Press International revealed research showing 62 percent of supermarket ground beef had bacteria resistant to 14 medicines tested. Choosing to order natural ground beef online in Idaho that’s antibiotic-free directly from farmers is one way to keep your digestive tract healthy. For example, Meridian offers 24 West Ranch and Lava Lake. Perhaps order ground beef online in Nampa from Malheur River Meats. Boise hosts Choice Cuts while Idaho Falls has Alderspring Ranch. Where to order grass fed ground beef online in Caldwell includes McIntyre Pastures and Elkflat Farm. Check out Castle Rock Ranch or SkyLine Farm in Coeur d’Alene. Pocatello residents trust Stranger Ranch Grassfed Beef too. Below we will highlight more places like Twin Falls’ Red Star Ranch, Lewiston’s Palouse Prairie Farms, and Rexburg’s High Meadows Meats to order grass finished ground beef online in Idaho.

Best Ground Beef in Boise

Starting April 5th, the Boise Farmers Market (1080 W Front St.) is a seven-month, open-air Saturday event exhibiting 65+ vendors, such as Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef. Choice Cuts Fresh & Smoked Meats (12570 W Fairview Ave.) has 20 years of experience butchering natural USDA Choice beef and selling Green Mountain Grills. Trader Joe’s (300 S Capitol Blvd.) and Whole Foods (401 S Broadway St.) are two chains carrying premium ground beef in Idaho.

Best Ground Beef in Meridian

On GrazeCart, Cunningham Pastured Meats (495 S 15th St.) offers free Treasure Valley delivery on online orders over $150 for grain-free Hereford beef. 24 West Ranch (12601 New Hope Rd.) is the Watterson Family’s 25,000-acre, GAP-certified Owyhee Mountain farm with lean, grass finished cattle. From June to September, the Meridian Main Street Market (33 E Broadway Ave.) brings 25+ local farmers to City Hall Plaza on Saturdays. Lava Lake (215 N Main St.) harvests organic, Omega-rich whole cow ground beef in Idaho for online orders like the $161 Grilled Package.

Best Ground Beef in Nampa

Malheur River Meats (4276 John Day Hwy.) breeds non-GMO Black Angus calves at a family-owned Eastern Oregon ranch for high-quality ground beef near Idaho. At Lloyd Square Park, the Nampa Farmers Market (13th Ave. S) celebrates its 30th year of showing 45+ producers like McClaskey Farms on Saturdays until 1 PM. Desert Mountain Grass-Fed Beef (Old Hwy. 30) is a collaborative of 22 families, including King’s Crown Organic Farm and Wilsey Ranch, serving monthly CSA subscribers.

Best Ground Beef in Idaho Falls

Awarded a 2018 Family Favorite Winnie, the Idaho Falls Farmer’s Market (501 W Broadway St.) stocks 70+ booths like Big Lost River Meats every Saturday for three seasons. Near Allen Tigert Airport, Lau Family Farm (675 Route 30) is a fifth-generation Soda Springs operation beating many Idaho beef prices at $6.00/lb. Since 2013, Desert Wind Farms (7777 N Fifth Ave.) has raised grass fed Jersey cattle along the Idaho Canal for richer milk and beef products. Certified organic, Alderspring Ranch (7073 Custer Rd.) manages 72 square miles of 1,000+ native grass species and delivers over 20,000 beef boxes.

Best Ground Beef in Caldwell

The Caldwell Farmers Market (S Kimball Ave.) adjacent to Treasure Valley Community College starts Wednesdays at 3 PM for shopping artisan goods and meats. On Saturdays from 9 AM to 9 PM, the Emmett Farmers’ Market (4504 W Park St.) at Blaser Park helps buy ground beef in Idaho that’s tasty and homegrown. Founded in 1910, McIntyre Pastures (10478 Riverside Rd.) has a no-till, pasture-based system to humanely harvest 80 percent lean beef. Elkflat Farm (15754 Lake Shore Dr.) requires $200 half and $400 whole share deposits for its grass fed Black Angus or Black Simmental beef.

Best Ground Beef in Pocatello

Owned by Lynn Garner, Idaho Land and Livestock (233 W 100 North) utilizes 4,500 acres to raise USDA organic cattle on alfalfa for processing at Theurer’s Quality Meats. Stranger Ranch (2769 Chesterfield Rd.) lets its purebred Black Angus herd forage the Upper Portneuf Valley for sales at the Pocatello Co-Op. The Natural Grocers (1270 E 17th St.) also makes the best places to buy grass fed beef in Idaho near Grand Teton Mall.

Best Ground Beef in Coeur d’Alene

Castle Rock Ranch (12718 Old River Rd.) harvests 1,200lb. steers from July to October at a USDA-inspected plant for quarter, half, and whole orders of dry-aged beef. Home to the 2008 AGM Champion, NorthFork Dexters (3560 N 3000 West) sells grass fed beef from registered Irish Dexter cattle. Owned by Melissa Lines, SkyLines Farm (4551 Hwy. 6) is a 63-acre, small-scale Palouse operation providing free local delivery of natural ground beef in Idaho. The Kootenai County Farmers’ Market (7905 N Meadowlark Way) has Wednesday and Saturday hours to peruse 100+ vendors like Amazing Grace Valley Ranch.

Best Ground Beef in Twin Falls

Recommended by Magic Valley Times-News, the Twin Falls Farmers Market (611 N College Rd.) averages 55 vendors per Saturday starting at 9 AM. Wood River Ranch (10524 Hwy. 75) fulfills bulk grass finished natural beef in Idaho orders for $6.99/lb October to April on-site or at Ketchum Farmers Market. Along the Snake River, Red Star Ranch (2794 Addison Ave.) feeds heritage Red Devon cattle solely grass to market 20lb ground beef packs for $100.

Best Ground Beef in Lewiston

The Blue Mountain Station Farmers Market (700 Artisan Way) is where to buy ground beef near Idaho at a 28-acre Dayton co-op building open Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Eighteen miles from Moscow, Palouse Prairie Farms (1051 Pleasant Hill Rd.) has Hereford cattle on wholesome diets of grass, legumes, and forbs for the best meat. Launched in 2005, Idaho Beef For You (PO Box 1952) is an online retailer of barley, corn, or grass finished beef in four order sizes for free Pacific Northwest delivery. At Brackenbury Square, the Lewiston Farmers’ Market (215 D St.) accepts EBT cards to reduce local beef prices in Idaho each Saturday evening.

Best Ground Beef in Rexburg

Brady’s Idaho Beef (3975 E Virginia Rd.) affordably charges $6.00/lb for 90 percent lean Black Angus meat sold online for daily on-site pickup or delivery from Rexburg to Salt Lake. Partnered with Mickelsen Pack, High Meadow Meats (95 N 12th St.) produces superior quality grass fed beef for virtual orders of two to 100+ pounds. Near BYU, the Rexburg Farmer’s Market (S College Ave.) is where to buy ground beef in Idaho each Friday from May to September too.