Best Ground Beef in Louisiana

The “Bayou State” has a $12.7 billion agricultural economy with 26,500 farms in 64 parishes covering 8.1 million acres. According to LSU, cattle is the fifth most abundant yield with 788,967 head producing the best ground beef in Louisiana for profits of $412.2 million in 2017. Let’s tour the Gulf Coast for where to find ground beef in Louisiana.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Louisiana

Locating places to order ground beef online in Louisiana isn’t hard because many of the 11,543 cattlemen statewide have websites for sales processing. The tricky part is choosing quality beef producers who let cows be herbivores without pumping them full of grains, GMOs, and hormones that risk our health. For example, French Market Produce in New Orleans sells organic goods. Perhaps order grass finished ground beef online in Baton Rouge from Luckett Farms. Lafayette hosts the City Garden Market while Bossier City offers the Benton Farmers Market. Check out Brookshire Farm to order natural ground beef online in Lake Charles. Monroe residents trust Kingsland Ranch and McCain Farms. Cleaver & Co is popular in Kenner too. Our guide below outlines where to order grass fed ground beef online in Louisiana like Alexandria’s Butterfield Farms, Shreveport’s Mahaffey Farms, and Houma’s Anelas.

Best Ground Beef in New Orleans

Since 1995, the Crescent City Farmers Market (200 Broadway St.) has attracted 100,000 yearly visitors to five New Orleans locations for visiting 80+ vendors like Gonsoulin Land & Cattle. The Fresh Stop Market (5200 Dauphine St.) is the Lower Ninth Ward’s premier year-round event accepting SNAP benefits for premium beef Monday through Thursday. Near CafĂ© du Monde, French Market Produce (1100 N Peters St.) stretches five blocks in Jackson Square for shopping locally sourced goods daily from 9AM to 5PM. Trader Joe’s (2949 Veterans Blvd.) also retails grass finished natural beef in Louisiana.

Best Ground Beef in Baton Rouge

Luckett Farms (15335 Denham Rd.) raises pastured Brahamer and Angus cattle holistically to supply its 12-week Greater Baton Rouge CSA subscriptions. Each Saturday morning, the Red Stick Farmers Market (501 N Fifth St.) uses an open-air BREADA venue to exhibit 50+ vendors like Goppelt Farm and Cutrer’s Meats. Whole Foods (7529 Corporate Blvd.) and Trader Joe’s (3535 Perkins Rd.) are two Capital Region retailers of premium ground beef in Louisiana.

Best Ground Beef in Lafayette

At Moncus Park, the Lafayette Farmers & Artisans Market (2913 Johnston St.) averages 1,200 patrons and 40 vendors, such as Bien Amie’ Farm, Saturdays for a 100 percent happiness index. The City Garden Market (600 S Public Rd.) reopens each June in Old Town across from Champagne’s Market for local goods with $55 membership fees. Where to buy ground beef in Louisiana also includes the Lafayette Whole Foods (4247 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy).

Best Ground Beef in Lake Charles

The Charlestown Farmer’s Market (1535 Ryan St.) takes over Lock Park Thursdays from May to November to exhibit Louisiana-made goods, including grass finished beef. Started in 2010, the Cash & Carry Farmers’ Market (801 Enterprise Blvd.) occurs Tuesdays from 4PM to 6PM only in Prien Lake Park for the freshest organic items. In Country Club Plaza, Market Basket (4431 Nelson Rd.) hand-selects MB Premium Angus for whole cow ground beef in Louisiana with 200 calories per serving.

Best Ground Beef in Bossier City

From 9AM to 1PM, the pet-friendly Bossier City Farmers Market (2950 E Texas St.) sets up at Pierre Bossier Mall on Saturdays with 100+ vendors, including Angel Farms and Grady’s BBQ. Brookshire Farms (8916 Brookshire Rd.) is a family-run Abbeville operation processing grain-free cows for online orders like the $75 Grilling Bundle. Managed by Brittney Copeland, the Benton Farmer’s Market (495 Simpson St.) has Sunday hours from May to July near ATMs to buy ground beef online in Louisiana that’s wholesome.

Best Ground Beef in Kenner

Open 24/7 via its Square Market, Cleaver & Co. (3917 Baronne St.) is a full-service Greater New Orleans butcher shop that’s hand trimming purebred, grass fed Wagyu beef. The Rivertown Farmers Market (2115 Rev. Richard Wilson Dr.) at LaSalle’s Landing happens each Saturday from October to July to meet 25+ local agriculturists like Tomott Cajun Farm. Eight miles east, the Metairie Trader Joe’s (2949 Veterans Blvd.) and Whole Foods (3420 Veterans Blvd.) have reasonable beef prices in Louisiana too.

Best Ground Beef in Monroe

McCain Farms (119 Owens Rd.) partners with CK Farms to process and dry-age USDA Choice Angus cattle for 14+ days before selling the flavorful beef with $50 harvesting fees. Named the 2015 Louisiana Cattleman of the Year, Kingsland Ranch (2242 Hwy 546) raises antibiotic-free cows on natural grasses to harvest healthful beef at $5.00/lb. The Monroe Farmers’ Market (1212 Washington St.) also makes the best places to buy grass fed beef in Louisiana with hours Monday through Saturday until noon.

Best Ground Beef in Alexandria

Settled in 1836, Inglewood Farm (6287 Old Baton Rouge Hwy) has free-range Red Angus herds grazing certified organic grasses among the pecan trees and great Louisiana beef prices. Kicking off September 2nd, the Alexandria Mid-Week Farmers’ Market (2727 Jackson St.) stands across from the First United Methodist Church each Tuesday for fresh goods. Butterfield Farms (228 Butterfield Lane) is an eco-friendly, fourth-generation Pollock ranch that delivers vacuum-sealed Angus beef packs via Square Up.

Best Ground Beef in Shreveport

Owned by Matt and Jerica Cadman, Shady Grove Ranch (3129 Racehorse Dr.) is an East Texas farm created in 2008 to harvest Devon, Limousin, and South Poll cattle into ground beef near Louisiana. Fifteen miles from Shreveport, Mahaffey Farms (4851 Hwy 80) implements “mob grazing” on oak savannas to produce Red Label beef for $8.50/lb. The Shreveport Farmers’ Market (101 Crockett St.) generates $2.62 million yearly with Fall and Spring events that draw consumers to Festival Plaza on Saturdays for farm-to-table buys.

Best Ground Beef in Houma

Founded 96 years ago, Verdun’s Meat Market (3376 Hwy 1) offers overnight delivery of grass fed ground meat with custom Cajun seasoning statewide. Cannata’s (1977 Prospect Blvd.) is a small-scale Houma grocer selling 80 percent lean USDA Choice Angus beef for $4.79/lb. Besides its yoga studio, Anelas Health & Wellness Lounge (7720 Main St.) has a fully stocked store for natural ground beef in Louisiana.