Best Ground Beef in New Mexico

Introduced by Juan de Oñate in 1598, the “Land of Enchantment” now has 1.29 million cows raised by 20,930 farms for the best ground beef in New Mexico. Beef2Live ranked cattle New Mexico’s #1 commodity worth $1.75 billion across 33 counties. From Shiprock to Carlsbad Caverns, below shows where to find ground beef in New Mexico.

Buy Ground Beef Online in New Mexico

In 2011, the Congressional Hunger Center recorded the second-highest food insecurity rate of 15.8 percent in New Mexico. Luckily, the Internet is helping to resolve the rural food gap from lack of supermarket access. One click can order grass finished ground beef online in New Mexico that’s packed with keto-friendly nutrients like Omega-3 and beta-carotene. For instance, Rio Rancho offers Keller’s Farm and Corrales Growers Market. Perhaps order ground beef online in Las Cruces from New Mexico Beef. Albuquerque hosts the Downtown Growers Market while Santa Fe has Whole Foods Market. Order natural ground beef online in South Valley from Mesteño Draw Cattle or Moonbeam Ranch. Check out Pino Creek Ranch in Roswell or Bandy Ranch in Farmington. The following guide has more suggestions like Clovis’ JX Ranch, Hobbs’ Holy Cow Beef, and Alamogordo’s Ranney Ranch for where to order grass fed ground beef online in New Mexico.

Best Ground Beef in Albuquerque

On Saturdays from 8 AM to 12 PM, the Downtown Growers’ Market (810 Copper Ave. NW) takes over Robinson Park to exhibit 75+ high-quality local artisans like Dunhill Ranch. Shop for natural ground beef in New Mexico at the Albuquerque Trader Joe’s (2200 Uptown Loop Rd. NE), Sprouts (6300 San Mateo Blvd. NE), and Whole Foods (2103 Carlisle Blvd. NE) daily though.

Best Ground Beef in Las Cruces

Las Cruces Farmers Market (221 Main St.) is a seven-block, open-air Saturday and Wednesday event granted the 2011 AFT Best Large Market Award on its 40th anniversary. Owned by Jacob Kerr, New Mexico Beef (7250 Moongate Rd.) humanely raises grass fed cattle among the Organ Mountains for affordable online orders of $6.49/lb. Besides Sprouts (2340 E Lohman Ave.) and Natural Grocers (3970 E Lohman Ave.), the El Paso Whole Foods (100 Pitt St.) is where to buy ground beef near New Mexico.

Best Ground Beef in Rio Rancho

Kicking off April 29th, Corrales Growers’ Market (500 Jones Rd.) runs Sundays from 9 AM to 12 PM during peak season for visiting 50+ local vendors like El Morro Valley Ranch. Since 1992, Los Ranchos Growers’ Market (6718 Rio Grande Blvd. NW) has invited Saturday shoppers to buy locally made goods like whole cow ground beef in New Mexico with WIC benefits. Rio Rancho Meats (2114 Southern Blvd. SE) is a family-owned butcher shop specializing in half Angus beef hind quarter-front quarter cuts for wholesale. In Montano Plaza, Keller’s Farm Stores (6100H Coors Blvd.) carries grass finished USDA Choice and Prime beef that’s dry aged.

Best Ground Beef in Santa Fe

At the Railyard, Santa Fe Farmers Market (1607 Paseo de Peralta) has Saturday or Tuesday hours from 8 AM to 1 PM for touring booths like Sage Coyote Farm and Berry Beef. Three grocers stocking premium ground beef in New Mexico are Trader Joe’s (530 W Cordova Rd.), Whole Foods (753 Cerrillos Rd.), and Sprouts (3201 Zafarano Dr.) too.

Best Ground Beef in Roswell

Pino Creek Ranch (State Rd. 104) supplies free-range Black Angus and Hereford beef raised according to American Grassfed Association standards near Conchas Dam. From July to October, Roswell Farmers’ Market (400 N. Virginia Ave.) occurs Saturdays at the Chaves County Courthouse to buy meat and produce locally. Uptown Farmer’s Country Market (2800 N Main St.) also makes the best places to buy grass fed beef in New Mexico with a money-saving Rewards Program.

Best Ground Beef in Farmington

In Gateway Park, Farmington Growers Market (3401 E Main St.) is a public, family-friendly Saturday event closing October 27th that invites vendors meeting NMDA Organic rules. Cuba Farmers’ Market (36 Route 126) exhibits local small-scale growers from a 40-mile radius each Saturday morning at St. Francis of Assisi Park. Partnered with San Juan Meats Kirtland, Bandy Ranch (388 Rd. 2900) packs high-quality, naturally lean Angus in Aztec for online New Mexico beef prices of $8.00/lb.

Best Ground Beef in South Valley

Mesteño Draw Cattle (55 Hwy. HC 66) practices riparian restoration and manages eight Mountainair pastures with 180-day resting periods to harvest natural cattle at 600-700lbs. Each Saturday, South Valley Growers Market (3907 Isleta Blvd. SW) sells organic produce and meat at Cristo Del Valle Presbyterian Church until noon. High Country Grass Fed Beef (1213 Mangas Rd.) is a sixth-generation Datil ranch with 75+ years of experience raising antibiotic-free cattle sold at the Cedar Crest Farmers’ Market. Occupying 986 acres, Moonbeam Ranch (61 Moonbeam Ranch Rd.) rotates pastured Red Angus and Charolais crosses twice weekly for grass finished natural beef in New Mexico.

Best Ground Beef in Clovis

Rain or shine, Clovis Farmers’ Market (3200 N Prince St.) utilizes the Goodwin Walking Train lot each Saturday and Tuesday to sell homegrown meats at low beef prices in New Mexico. JX Cattle Company (6237 Hwy. 209) is the Sidwell’s SRM Award-winning Tucumcari ranch offering free delivery of natural beef from Edgewood to Alamogordo. Managed by Margie Plummer, Portales Farmers Market (1115 N. Chicago Ave.) takes place each Monday and Thursday from 5 AM to sellout at Big Valley Auto.

Best Ground Beef in Hobbs

Founded by A.W. Wight in 1886, YT Ranch Beef (Hwy. 158) nurtures Longhorn and Corriente cattle atop the Permian Basin for grass fed ground costing $7.00/lb. Hobbs Farmers Market (4300 N Lovington Hwy.) relocated to Green Meadows Lake in 2016 for Saturday morning setups of 30+ local vendors like Davis Farms. Across the Lubbock border, Holy Cow Beef (5214 70th St.) is a Global Animal Partnership member that’s AGA-certified to market grass fed ground beef near New Mexico.

Best Ground Beef in Alamogordo

L6 Cattle Ranches (216 Robinson Ranch Rd.) is a 4,000-acre, AWA-approved Corona farm harvesting healthy Angus and Jersey livestock at 12-18 months without injections. At 6,200 feet, Ranney Ranch (PO Box 376) has raised free-range cows on 45 species of native grasses since 1984 for premium results. Adjacent to Toy Train Depot, Alamogordo Farmers’ Market (1991 White Sands Blvd.) also happens June through October with Otero County producers to buy ground beef in New Mexico.