Best Ground Beef in Texas

The “Longhorn State” has a $25.9 billion agricultural industry with over 130 million farming acres producing some of the best ground beef in Texas and America overall. In 2017, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association ranked Texas #1 for the most cattle at 12.3 million! Let’s tour this ranching paradise to outline where to find ground beef in Texas.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Texas

Whether you live in the United States’ second-largest state or not, we’ve researched where to order grass fed ground beef online in Texas. Perhaps order ground beef online in Houston from Yonder Way Farm or Law Ranch. In Austin, consider Svante’s Ranch or Raising 5. Edelen Farm is popular in Corpus Christi. Burgundy Pasture and Buck Creek Meats help order natural ground beef online in Dallas. Amarillo boasts Holy Cow Beef while Arlington hosts the Sendero Brothers. Look to order grass finished ground beef online in San Antonio from Koch Ranches or Pearl Farmers Market. Read on for more options like JX Ranch in El Paso, Blackland Farm in Waco, and Muenster Grass in Fort Worth.

Best Ground Beef in Houston

Just outside Houston in Fayetteville, Yonder Way Farm (1055 South FM 1291) raises over 300 Red Angus on fertilizer-free pastures. Law Ranch Cattle Company (511 Sloop Ct.) flash freezes fresh grass finished natural beef in Texas without antibiotics. Each Saturday, Nassau Bay Farmer’s Market (18045 Upper Bay Rd.) has a selection of grass finished meats. Across from Levy Park, the Urban Harvest Farmers Market (3000 Richmond Ave.) offers local beef year-round. For seven years, the Sugarland Imperial Farmers Market (234 Matlage Way) has hosted premium beef vendors. Retailers like Whole Foods (2955 Kirby Dr.) and Trader Joe’s (2922 S. Shepherd Dr.) also sell ground beef in Houston.

Best Ground Beef in Dallas

Burgundy Pasture Beef (3326 West 7th St.) offers dry-aged whole cow ground beef in Texas and online with free shipping over $150. Family owned since the 1930s, Buck Creek Meats (817 Richards St.) raises grass fed Angus, Shorthorn, and Galloway. Occupying 26,000 square feet, the Dallas Farmers Market (1010 S. Pearl Expressway) runs daily for quality beef. The White Rock Local Market (9150 Garland Rd.) attracts the best ranchers from a 150-mile radius of Dallas. Trader Joe’s (4525 Cole Ave.) and Whole Foods (8190 Park Lane) stock organic, well-marbled beef too.

Best Ground Beef in San Antonio

Hickory Lake Beef (878 County Rd. 339) provides discounted online Texas beef prices up to $200 off with free delivery. Koch Ranches (2114 Mannix Dr.) forgoes grain and herbicides for 10 times more beta-carotene in nutritious beef. At Pearl Brewery, the Pearl Farmers Market (312 Pearl Parkway) welcomes 45 South Texas vendors every weekend. Quality sellers like E&D Grassfed Beef and Prairie Dell Meat attend the Legacy Farmers’ Market (18402 Highway 281N). Since June 2017, Alamo Heights Farmers Market (255 East Basse Rd.) has been among the best places to buy grass fed beef in Texas. Sprouts (8101 Callaghan Rd.), Trader Joe’s (350 East Basse Rd.), and Whole Foods (18403 Blanco Rd.) also make the list.

Best Ground Beef in Austin

Always Grass-fed Beef LLC (1340 County Rd. 307) runs a sustainable farm 45 miles east of Austin for tender meat. Founded in 1882, Svante’s Ranch (201 East Main St.) delivers ground beef near Texas with an online store and award-winning food truck. On the San Gabriel River, Raising 5 (133000 State Route 29) has Angus and Brangus cattle for premium whole cow products. The Wheatsville Food Co-Op (3101 Guadalupe St.) has over 21,000 invested owners helping distribute beef, produce, and more. Austin residents buy ground beef in Texas at chains Whole Foods (1105 North Lamar Blvd.) and Trader Joe’s (2805 Bee Cave Rd.) too.

Best Ground Beef in El Paso

Searching for where to buy ground beef near Texas might lead across the border to JX Ranch (6237 NM-209), a hormone-free farm with seasonable custom butchers. Erwin Farm (North Mechanic St.) is an eighth-generation ranch raising grass finished Angus in El Campo. Grocery stores with high-quality Texas beef include Whole Foods (100 Pitt St.) and Sprouts (2036 North Zaragoza Rd.).

Best Ground Beef in Fort Worth

Owned by the Hudspeths, DFW Grass Feed Beef (841 Colwell Rd.) has a 1,000-acre, USDA-inspected farm using organic methods. Burgundy Pasture Beef (3326 West 7th St.) is popular for lean ground round, sirloin, ribeye, rump roast, and more. Muenster Grass Fed currently sells live 18-month calves via Fischer’s Meat Market (304 North Main St.) for as little as $4.20/lb. Check out ground beef prices in Texas at Sprouts (6300 Waverly Way), Whole Foods (3720 Vision Drive), and Trader Joe’s (2701 South Hulen St.) too.

Best Ground Beef in Waco

Blackland Farm & Cattle (899 FM 2307) in Riesel delivers clean, pasture-raised beef to Waco on the first and third Thursdays. Ten minutes from Waco, The Home Grown Farm (2316 Hamilton Dr.) sells members custom delivery boxes for $15-$45 weekly. Served at All Star Burger, Richardson Farms (2850 County Rd. 412) raises a mixed-breed herd 100 percent on grass. Every Monday through Saturday, the Homestead Craft Village (608 Dry Creek Rd.) also cuts natural beef at its butcher shop.

Best Ground Beef in Corpus Christi

Featured on the Eat Well Guide, Edelen Farm (1125 County Rd. 440) feasts flavorful beef from organically fertilized pastures. In Corpus Christi, Sprouts (1440 Airline Rd.) is the only chain offering homegrown beef products too.

Best Ground Beef in Arlington

Sendero Brothers (2714 Buffalo Dr.) is where to buy ground beef in Texas that’s ethically raised, free range, and rich in Omega 3s. Four miles away, Farm to Fork Foods (2001 West Mayfield Rd.) is nutritionist-owned for producing USDA-approved Chisholm Trail longhorn beef. Also search the organic meat departments at Trader Joe’s (1492 East Southlake Blvd.) and Whole Foods (801 East Lamar Blvd.).

Best Ground Beef in Amarillo

Holy Cow Beef (5214 70th St.) is a Global Animal Partnership member that delivers third-party certified grass fed Angus to Lubbock monthly. Established by the Birkenfelds in 1994, Paidom Meats (1457 County Rd. 530B) is another premium Texas ground beef producer offering 80 to 90 percent lean.