Best Ground Beef in Illinois


The “Prairie State” is covered nearly 75 percent by 26.6 million acres of farmland that’s prime for producing the best ground beef in Illinois. According to the USDA, Illinois has 1.12 million cows and calves raised at 6,178 ranching operations for an $816 million impact. Let’s head to the Midwest and locate where to find ground beef in Illinois.

Buy Ground Beef Online in Illinois

Shopping at organic Illinois farms is suggested to avoid fatty meat that’s been packed with grain and synthetics or hormones in feedlots. It’s even easier to bring the farm home and order natural ground beef online in Illinois now too. For example, Nature’s Choice Farm and Vintage Meadows in Chicago process online orders. In Peoria, consider Dearing Country Farms or Little Blue’s Farm. Perhaps order ground beef online in Rockford from Edgebrook Farmers or Nadig Family Farm. Sonrise Farms and Moore Family Farms are popular in Champaign. Where to order grass fed ground beef online in Illinois includes Naperville’s Seven Sons and Joliet’s Sugar Grove Farms. Meadow Haven Farm and Johnnie’s Meat Market are conveniently in Moline. Read on for more places to order grass finished ground beef online in Illinois like All Grass Farms in Schaumburg, Mint Creek Farm in Evanston, and Dierks Farms in Carbondale.

Best Ground Beef in Chicago

Nature’s Choice Farm (9445 East 5000N Rd.) is a three-time Frontera Grant recipient raising 40+ Murray Grey and Angus cattle for Chicagoland beef deliveries. Owned by Ryan and Katrina Schrock, Vintage Meadows Farm (14855 State Rd. 4) offers an online beef buying club on FarmMatch. Two grocery stores stocking premium ground beef in Illinois are Trader Joe’s (44 East Ontario St.) and Whole Foods (255 East Grand Ave.).

Best Ground Beef in Peoria

Since 1995, Broad Branch Farm (15848 Twp Rd. 500N) has harvested certified organic grass finished natural beef in Illinois for free home delivery. Little Blue’s Farm (16307 Washington Rd.) is a family-run Morton ranch with affordable Illinois beef prices as low as $4.95/lb. Covering 140 acres of Carlock, Wettstein Organic Farm (2100 Hwy. 150) raises Black Angus with unrestricted outdoor access. Located near Heartland Community College, Dearing Country Farms (16410 East 800N) accepts online grass fed ground beef orders on Square Up.

Best Ground Beef in Rockford

Hasselmann Family Farm (23706 Harmony Rd.) is an 80-acre, third-generation Marengo operation feeding Angus, Hereford, and Shorthorn forage diets. Called Walnut Grove, the Brass Family Farm (PO Box 37) raises butcher’s choice Red Devon cattle holistically. Each Wednesday from 9AM to 1PM, the Edgebrook Farmers Market (1639 North Alpine Rd.) exhibits some of the best places to buy grass fed beef in Illinois. Nadig Family Farm (9282 East Hemstock Rd.) also practices management intensive grazing to produce natural, non-GMO beef.

Best Ground Beef in Champaign

Crowned the 2006 Midwest Organic Farmer of the Year, Triple S Farms (3078 Hwy. 33) sells ground beef, sliders, and old-fashioned meatballs online. Market at the Square (400 South Vine St.) sets up Saturdays from May to October in Urbana with local pastured beef vendors. Twenty-five miles northeast of Champaign, Sonrise Farms (1330 East 3000N Rd.) rotates Murray Grey cattle to fresh pastures daily. Moore Family Farm (2013 East 1950N Rd.) helps buy ground beef in Illinois on-site, online, or via the Common Ground Food Co-op.

Best Ground Beef in Naperville

Seven Sons (1924 Vassar Dr.) is a farm-to-fork delivery company serving nutrient-dense meats to thousands of Midwest families at pickup locations like Naperville. Founded by the Sextons in 2006, Nature’s Choice Farm (9445 East 5000N Rd.) in Grant Park currently sells grass finished ground beef at $8.75/lb. Compare beef prices in Illinois at the Whole Foods (2607 West 75th St.) and Trader Joe’s (44 West Gartner Rd.) too.

Best Ground Beef in Joliet

Proudly served at Hopscotch & Vine, Tischler’s Market (15412 Route 59) is a full-service butcher shop preparing high-quality ground round, chuck, and sirloin. Sugar Grove Family Farms (20634 Hwy. 29) started “Country Clubs” for meat lovers seeking whole cow ground beef in Illinois. Around 23 miles southeast, the Orland Park Whole Foods (15260 South LaGrange Rd.) and Trader Joe’s (14924 South LaGrange Rd.) are other trusted retailers.

Best Ground Beef in Schaumburg

Open daily from 10AM to 6PM, All Grass Farms (18N681 Route 31) sells pasture perfect beef at 20 percent discounts off retail. Port Andrew Stock Farm (Hwy. 60) is where to buy ground beef near Illinois that’s 95 percent lean and raised holistically in Southwest Wisconsin. Check the meat aisles at the Schaumburg Trader Joe’s (1426 East Golf Rd.) and Whole Foods (750 North Martingale Rd.) as well.

Best Ground Beef in Moline

Freight House Farmers Market (421 West River Dr.) has Saturday, Sunday, and Wednesday hours in Davenport year-round to find ground beef near Illinois. Managed by Jeremy and Cherie House, Meadow Haven Farm (1700 North Ave.) is organically certified to feed the Quad Cities 100 percent grass fed beef. Walnut Acres Family Farm (294 Baseline Rd.) was featured in The Radish for its natural, old-school style and numerous CSA locations. Established in 1952, Johnnie’s Meat Market (1302 Washington St.) vends special cuts, beef bundles, and brats in 20 flavors.

Best Ground Beef in Evanston

Recommended by Lulu Cafe’s chef Lauren Freeburg, Mint Creek Farm (1693 East 3800N Rd.) is a 220-acre, family-owned livestock pasture raising certified organic herds. Where to buy ground beef in Illinois also includes the Evanston Whole Foods (1640 Chicago Ave.) and Trader Joe’s (1211 Chicago Ave.).

Best Ground Beef in Carbondale

Dierks Farms (273 West Point Rd.) in Ava received Beef Quality Assurance certification for producing lean Red Devon cattle on its 340 acres. For 12 years, Lick Creek Beef (75 South Lick Creek Rd.) has produced 60 head of Hereford and Angus annually using only grass feeding. The Carbondale Community Farmers Market (1301 East Walnut St.) brings together vendors like All Seasons Farms each Saturday for the best natural ground beef in Illinois too.